Charred Walls Of The Damned


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Charred Walls of the Damned returns with the follow up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut! Richard Christy, Tim “Ripper” Owns, Jason Suecof and Steve DiGiorgio once again join forces to bring to life Christy’s latest body of work, Cold Winds on Timeless Days. The writing process for the new album, Cold Winds on Timeless Days, actually began while the band was mixing their 2010 debut. Richard Christy used his experience on the first album to write songs that catered not only to each member’s playing style, but to Jason Suecof’s production style. The result: demos that turned out nearly identical to what ended up on the album.

Cold Winds on Timeless Days is a natural progression for the band and was written and demoed by Richard Christy with additional music by Jason Suecof. This album clocks in at 58 minutes across 12 tracks, which is a conscious effort by Christy to give fans more music this time around. Richard Christy recorded drum tracks at the Hit Factory Criteria (Black Sabbath, The Eagles, Aerosmith) with Mark Lewis engineering. Christy actually made it out of NYC to Miami for the recording just as the famous blizzard that shut down the city hit – he was on one of the last flights that made it out of JFK. Things were just meant to be for this album, it would seem. Once in Miami, drums were finished in an astonishing two days.

Work on the rest of the album continued at Orlando, FL’s Audiohammer studios. Christy’s strong demos and preparation paid off. Steve DiGiorgio completed bass tracking in four days and Tim “Ripper” Owens completed vocals in just seven days. This is a short amount of time when compared to many of their peers, but of course this band operates at the mercy of the members’ individual schedules. But Christy assures us that nothing was rushed, rather “I wanted to get a natural sound out of this album, I wanted everyone to be well rehearsed, not that I wanted the album to be rushed, but I wanted the spontaneous live feel and not over think anything too much.” Richard Christy describes Cold Winds on Timeless Days as a “perfect storm of producing” – Audiohammer’s Jason Suecof produced and Mark Lewis mixed, while mastering was handled by Alan Douches at West Westside.

Lyrically, the album consists of songs about Richard Christy’s every day observations while living and working in New York City. Some of the songs, like the album title itself, have been left completely open to interpretation. Other songs, such as The Beast Outside My Window Christy describes as “Loosely inspired by the Queensboro (59th St. bridge), I can see it outside my window. Anything you see outside your window every day, no matter where you live, becomes a part of your life, and as funny as it sounds, having a window is something new to me that is particularly inspiring because I lived in a storage unit with no windows for eight years in Florida!”. While Forever Marching On is a tribute to Christy’s days in high school marching band was inspired by trips to the Drummer’s Collective in New York City. Christy describes the Collective as “An inspiring place to practice where you can hear hundreds of drums being played all at once.”

Charred Walls of the Damned utilized the momentum and experience of their debut to complete and release this new album a mere 16 months later. Cold Winds on Timeless Days is an honest expression of one of metal’s most gifted musicians along with the talents of his equally gifted peers.