Brothers Born


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BROTHERS BORN is a new project from Joel Stroetzel (Killswitch Engage) and Michael Wyzik (Red Door Exchange, Storm The Ohio). Stroetzel and Wyzik both live in Easthampton, MA and hang out at the legendary Brass Cat, a local pub frequented by musicians in the Pioneer Valley. After a few casual conversations, they soon realized an affinity for similar musical influences: the dark, folky sounds of Tom Waits & Nick Cave, as well as anthemic rock from artists like Longwave, The Church, and Blue Nile.

The duo began writing and recording songs in Stroetzel’s studio and realized they had almost two albums’ worth of ideas. Picking their name from a song written by Wyzik’s bandmate Jerry Brookman in Storm the Ohio, they created Brothers Born and began recording in 2012.

The project is a big departure from the metal of Stroetzel’s Killswitch Engage or the indie-Americana of Wyzik’s bands, occupying a musical middle-ground of sorts. Wyzik and Stoetzel play nearly every note on Knife Wounds, with the exception of some background vocals.